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BFS insights - Autumn Newsletter

Welcome to the Autumn edition of our quarterly newsletter - BFS insights.

With Autumn providing perfect weather, and the commencement of another exciting football season underway, there are plenty of reasons to feel great right now - or at least we hope there is!

Investment markets have started their wobble in recent weeks, which comes as little surprise.  This being said, small levels of volatility are not all bad.  In fact, it's fair to say a mild downturn can be good, as it reduces the severity of a future fall if markets were continually rising without some sort of hiccup from time to time.  Short term volatility can also present solid buying opportunities for long term investors.

We trust you will enjoy our selection of articles below, and should you have any questions regarding these articles or any aspect of your affairs, please contact us to discuss.

Best Wishes.

Battistella Financial Services